Mr Lawrence in 1999, in the early days of his career as a Hip & Knee surgeon.

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At the age of 14, Mr Lawrence swapped his ice hockey stick and the vast frozen lakes of Nova Scotia for a cricket bat and football boots. He moved to suburban Croydon. His search for the best medical education took him to Edinburgh University. He enjoyed his traditional medical education immensely. But also enjoyed favourite Edinburgh student haunts such the Burke & Hare pub or Greyfriars Bobby.

After graduating in 1986, he spent a year teaching anatomy at Kings College Medical School and practising Emergency Medicine at Kings College Hospital, Camberwell. Thereafter, Manchester and the Northwest beckoned. Mr Lawrence felt very privileged to work for one year at Wrightington Hospital, near Wigan. Sir John Charnley, a world-class hip surgeon, made an immense contribution to Hip Replacement Surgery from his base at Wrightington  Hospital. He developed implants, surgical clothing, and clean air environments for his pioneering surgery. Some of today’s best Orthopaedic Surgeons fail to match Sir John’s outcomes of 50 years ago.

In his quest for the very best Hip Replacement technique and Outcomes, Mr Lawrence then moved to Exeter, the home of the renowned Exeter Hip Replacement. The Exeter implant technology have enabled hip implants to last 40 years and beyond in over 90% of patients. Mr Lawrence was recently the convenor for the Exeter Hip Course held at Solihull Hospital which celebrated 40 years of success of the Exeter Hip. He has presented his results and techniques all over the world including the US, Brazil, and India. 

When Mr Lawrence is not working, he can be found at Copt Heath Golf club, trying to perfect his swing - often more challenging than hip and knee replacement surgery.


Trevor Larence Hip & Knee surgeon - Dr Steven Parr - anaesthetist

Dr Steven Parr

An outstanding anaesthetist and very popular with his patients. He very likeable and inspires confidence in everyone he works with. His preferred technique includes a light general anaesthetic and a spinal anaesthetic inserted once the patient is asleep.

The spinal injection gives pain relief for 6 hours after the surgery. This combination has over the years proved to be very safe. It is administered without discomfort to the patient. 

Dr. Parr is extremely experienced and provides excellent aftercare with suitable pain relief and emergency medical cover when required.  In the frail patients or those requiring long anaesthetics, we can provide High Dependency Post Operative care as well.

When Dr. Parr is not in the operating room, he can be found walking his dog, who has also had some orthopaedic surgery, in and around Hampton in Arden and Barston.



Jenny has been Mr. Lawrence’s secretary for about 10 years. Patients adore Jenny, who will go to any lengths to sort out your queries and anxieties. When she is not answering her phone or typing, or booking operations, she can be found in Earlswood delivering sheep and tending to her menagerie of animals. Don’t be surprised if you hear the bleating of sheep when she answers your call. Jenny is very kind hearted and will always do her very best to help you. She is hands-on, is well known throughout the hospital and in so many ways irreplaceable. You can trust Jenny to smooth-out your passage through the hospital and coordinate your aftercare.


Trevor Larence Hip & Knee surgeon - physiotherapy team

The Nursing Team 

The nursing team at Spire Parkway Hospital is highly motivated team of experienced professionals. Many have worked with Mr Lawrence for almost 20 years and  together they form a cohesive team that will do their very best to ensure safe and reliable surgery and aftercare.


The Physiotherapy Team

Spire Parkway has an excellent physiotherapy set up. The department is very well equipped with with the latest  machinery to enhance your recovery from hip and knee replacement surgery. It is not easy to be a good physiotherapist- on the one hand they have to be encouraging, supportive and motivating but on the other hand a degree of firmness is required. The balance at Parkway is very good and the Physiotherapy Department will do their best to restore your mobility after surgery.