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Mr Trevor Lawrence

Orthopaedic Consultant 
BSc (Hons), MBChB, FRCS (Orth)

Member of:

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The Royal Society of Medicine

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British Medical Association

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General Medical Council

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British Hip Society

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British Orthopaedic Association

Mr Trevor Lawrence is a consultant orthopaedic surgeon based in Birmingham in the West Midlands, UK. He specialises in hip and knee procedures, including hip, knee and revision hip replacements. Mr Lawrence practices privately at Spire Parkway Hospital and Spire Little Aston Hospital alongside his lead consultant work for University Hospitals Birmingham (UHB). 

Mr Lawrence also specialises in hip and knee pain and arthritis. He treats patients of all ages at his clinics and leads a team of consultants at Spire Park Hospital.


He is responsible for training fellow orthopaedic surgeons and prides himself in low redo rates; it is a quarter of the national average for hip replacements and a third for knees. As part of his work, Mr Lawrence performs complex hip surgery for young patients with dysplasia (malformed hip joints) using the latest joint replacement technology. 


Mr Lawrence's qualifications and training reflect his esteemed surgical reputation.

Mr Lawrence graduated from the University of Edinburgh Medical School and trained at the renowned Wrightington Hospital in Wigan and Princess Elizabeth Hospital in Exeter.

Furthermore, he taught anatomy at Kings College Medical School and practised Emergency Medicine at Kings College Hospital in Camberwell. Mr Lawrence also has fellowships from the Royal College of Surgeons and the University of Virginia in the USA

Mr Lawrence won the Naughton Dunn Award in 2011 and has also been awarded for the quality of care he provides patients through his NHS work. He is a convener for the Exeter hip course and has presented nationally and internationally as a guest speaker on orthopaedic surgery. 

When Mr Lawrence is not working, he can be found at Copt Heath Golf Club, trying to perfect his golf swing - often more challenging than hip and knee replacement surgery.

The Team.


Dr Steven Parr

An outstanding anaesthetist and very popular with the patients. He is very personable and inspires confidence in everyone he works with. Dr Parr's preferred technique includes a light general anaesthetic and a spinal anaesthetic inserted once the patient is asleep. The spinal injection gives pain relief for 6 hours after the surgery. This combination has over the years proved to be very safe. It is administered without discomfort to the patient.  Dr. Parr is extremely experienced and provides excellent aftercare with suitable pain relief and emergency medical cover when required.  In the frail patients or those requiring long anaesthetics, we can provide High Dependency Post Operative care as well. When Dr. Parr is not in the operating room, he can be found walking his dog, who has also had some orthopaedic surgery, in and around Hampton in Arden and Barston.


Nursing Team

At Mr Lawrence's clinic, the patients' journey to recovery comes hand-in-hand with his dedicated nursing team. They are a friendly, compassionate cheerleaders with superpowers in care and pain management. Whether you are being prepping for surgery, conquering rehab milestones, or celebrating your newfound mobility, the nursing team is here to answer your questions, ease your anxieties, and champion your progress. They are not just nurses, they are your partners on the path to a healthier, happier you!

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Jenny's been Mr Lawrence’s secretary for close to 20 years. Patients adore Jenny. She will go to any lengths to sort out patients' queries and anxieties. When she is not answering her phone or typing, or booking operations, she can be found in Earlswood tending to her menagerie of animals and delivering sheep. Do not be surprised if you hear the bleating of sheep when she answers your call. Jenny is very kind-hearted and will always do her very best to help you. She is hands-on, is well known throughout the hospital and in so many ways irreplaceable. You can trust Jenny to further enhance your hospital experience and lovingly coordinate your aftercare.

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Operation Theatre Team

Mr Lawrence's surgery team is a well-coordinated unit comprised of highly skilled professionals dedicated to optimising your joint replacement journey. Each member plays a crucial role: board-certified surgeons with extensive experience lead the way, assisted by expert surgical technologists ensuring smooth operation flow. The dedicated anaesthesiologists ensure your comfort and safety throughout the procedure. Together, they form a collaborative team focused on delivering exceptional surgical outcomes and personalised care, guiding you from pre-operative consultation to confident recovery.

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Physiotherapy Team

Spire Parkway has an excellent physiotherapy set up. The department is very well equipped with with the latest  machinery to enhance your recovery from hip and knee replacement surgery. It is not easy to be a good physiotherapist- on the one hand they have to be encouraging, supportive and motivating but on the other hand a degree of firmness is required. The balance at Parkway is very good and the Physiotherapy Department will do their best to restore your mobility after surgery.

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