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Updated: Jun 6, 2021

X rays after hip infection
The Hip before and After Surgery

M S from Knowle struggled for years with pain in her joints after developing rheumatoid arthritis at the age of just 46. Now at 70 years young, she is once again pain-free and enjoying life after having her right hip reconstructed and both knees replaced by orthopaedic surgeon Trevor Lawrence BSc (Hons) MBChB FRCS (Orth).

Unfortunately, when M underwent her original hip replacement operation, it was not successful. She developed a deep-seated infection and, despite going back to her surgeon, reached the stage where she required almost daily dressings to her leg. The consultant treating M’s arthritis referred her to Mr Lawrence, who specialises in complex hip and knee surgery, and after a series of tests, X-rays and an exploratory operation, he was able to set her on the road to recovery.

During a 16-week hospital stay, M's hip was removed, and she was put on a course of antibiotics before being allowed home. Then, in January 2011, only once Mr Lawrence was convinced the infection had gone, did he replace M’s hip.

“The infection had done a great deal of damage, and there was no guarantee the surgery would work, but what really impressed me was that Mr Lawrence was completely straight with me and so very caring,” says M.

“He was totally honest about the prognosis, visiting me around three times a week while I was in the hospital and talking me through the surgery, but he never tried to gloss over anything. Afterwards, I had no more pain. It was remarkable.”

As a consequence of M’s hip problems, her knees were out of alignment, so Mr Lawrence carried out further surgery, replacing her right knee in January 2012 and the left knee six months later. M does the exercises her physiotherapist recommended every day and is mobile and pain-free.

“It may not sound like much to most people, but being able to go up and down the stairs unaided is wonderful,” adds M, who has returned to swimming and enjoys walking, theatre trips and travelling with her husband, M.

M S from Knowle, 70, is pain-free and enjoying an active life again after having her right hip reconstructed and both knees replaced.

“My hip replacement was unsuccessful, and despite the original surgeon’s efforts to sort it out, a deep-seated infection had taken hold by the time I went to Mr Lawrence for a consultation.

“There was no guarantee that the surgery he was proposing would work, but what impressed me was his honesty – he was straight with me about the prognosis right from the outset – and the fact that he was so very caring.

“Trevor Lawrence has given me back my life, and if I could, I would knight him.”

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